Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Text Message Bloopers

The dawn of technology offers another venue for classic human blunders!

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Though cell phone technology offers a faster, easy and fun way of communication, it is also a channel for classic human blunders. Below is a list of five embarrassing text messages worthy of a look to demonstrate that at the end of the day.. Human error can’t be disregarded!

Ninny the Pooh

One night, Trina sent her boyfriend a super mushy message: “Hunny, my baby-pooh, you know I love you so much and I always will. Nothing can break our love for each other. I’ll keep you forever and I will marry, my sweetie.” It was quite late, but these lovebirds promised to send each other love messages before they slept. The next day, the boy called to ask if she is was mad at him because he didn’t receive any good night message from her. They figured maybe the text was lagged or the system was down. That day, Trina’s parents dropped her off at school and before she stepped out of the car, Trina’s dad said, “Be nice, baby pooh!”. Guess what, Trina sent the message to her dad, and for that she was so embarrassed!

Piggy Back Ride

Tracy’s arrival time at the airport was 3 p.m.. Her mom used the only available car that day to go shopping. She was stuck in traffic and it was already 3:30. Tracy’s cell phone battery died, so she and her mom couldn’t communicate anymore but she wasn’t aware of this. Tracy was so frustrated and thought that she was going to wait there forever when her Ninang (godmother) pulled up in her car! Tracy asked her “how did you knew that I needed a ride?” Her Ninang replied, “Your mom accidentally sent me her message for you telling you to ask me to pick you up. I couldn’t reach you, so I just went straight ahead here.” Tracy read the message and almost died when she read what her mom had sent her, “Trace, ask your Ninang Oink-Oink (a term to describe obese person) if she could pick you up since she lives near the airport.”

Message Failed

Karen’s auntie was asking Karen through text if she liked the dress she gave me for her birthday. At the same time, a friend of her Karen was asking her about a particularly gross scene in one episode of the X-files. Karen typed out a reply to her friend (something that went: “it made me feel squeamish. I’ve never seen an uglier thing”) … but accidentally sent it to her auntie. Yikes! It took awhile to reassure her auntie that the message was not intended for her.

Baby Count

Jecela was texting her friend about how much she liked this guy. It went: “ Dennis Rivera is the man of my dreams. I love him to death and I know sooner or later, he’ll fall for me too and we’ll get married and have 5 kids..” Jecela was so surprised to received a message from Dennis. Guess what Dennis sent her, “I think you send me a wrong message. And oh, by the way, I only plan on having two kids!”. Jecela wanted to throw her phone away!

Page Boy

Dave liked this girl in school who was two batches lower. He asked for her cell phone number and when he got it, Dave text her almost every single minute of the day. He remained anonymous because he didn’t want to scare her. After three weeks of sending her mushy messages, Dave found out from his friend that he was texting the girl’s older brother who was in their school too!

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  1. Hahahah, I love the page boy story hahaha.

  2. oh, those are embarrassing kind of funny mistakes as well :)

  3. The funniest for me was the Oink Oink message which was wrongly sent to the Ninang. Haha! How embarrassing! Now I wonder what's my moniker when they send out SMSes. LOL!

  4. Gosh, I've heard a lot of relationships being ruined by that "message sending failed", Papaleng. Whew!

  5. hahahaha those are cute wrong text messages :-) I am not into text Papaleng coz it takes me forever to send a text lol

  6. hahaha, you made we laugh with all these bloopers...your humors always amazed me! keep it up. :)

  7. HAHAHA! Naalala ko tuloy yung nawrong send din ako sa tita ko!