Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Seven Exotic Pink Fruits

Most fruits come in red, yellow or green color. But, pink fruits, you seldom see them. Can you think of any?

I can name seven; how about you? Here is a list of seven edible pink colored fruits. The color refers to either the skin or flesh.


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Scientific Name: Litchi chinensis

Common Names: Litchi, Leechee, Lichee, or Lichi

Description: The fruit is oval, heart-shaped or nearly round. Its outer skin is roughly textured rind or peel, pinkish in color. The thin, tough inedible skin is green when immature. The edible portion or aril is white, translucent, firm and juicy.

Taste: The flavor is sweet, distinctive, with slightly acidic fragrance and flavor, comparable to grapes.

Rose Apple

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Scientific Name: Syzygium jambos

Common Names: Rose apple, Plum rose, Malabar plum, Wax apple, Pomarrosa, or Malay apple

Description: Round, oval, or slightly pear-shaped fruits. Unripe rose apples have a bright green color. If ripe, the skin is rose-pink smooth and waxy.Inside is a dry to juicy layer of yellowish flesh.

Taste: The fruit is crispyand tastes like an apple.

Other colors: Green, red, white, and purple

Dragon Fruit

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Scientific Name: Hylocereus undatus

Common Names: Pitaya, strawberry pear and pitahaya

Description: Oval to oblong with pink leathery slightly leafy skin. Its juicy pulp is white or sometimes pinkish red studded with tiny, edible seeds.

Taste: Extra sweet taste or sometimes slightly sourish; taste somewhere between a kiwi, a pear, and a watermelon.

Other colors: Costa Rica pitaya (Hylocereus costaricensis) has red skin with red flesh; yellow pitaya (Hylocereus megalanthus) has yellow skin with white flesh


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Scientific Name: Punica granatum

Common Names: Pomegranate, Granada (Spanish), Grenade (French)

Description: The pomegranate fruit is rounded hexagonal and crowned at the base by the prominent calyx. The tough, leathery skin or rind is typically yellow overlaid with light or deep pink or rich red with almost 600 seeds inside.Each seed is enclosed with edible sweet, juicy, pink pulp.

Taste: Very juicy with a tart and sour to sweet taste

Other colors: Deep red and purple

Lilly Pilly Berry

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Scientific Name: Syzygium luehmannii

Common Names: Ribeery, Small-leaved Lilly Pilly, cherry satin ash, clove lilli pilli or cherry alder

Description: A small, roughly globular, pear-shaped fruit with a soft violet pink kissed skin when ripe. The fruit is cottony firm, similar more to a pear than a berry

Taste: Tart, unique aromatic flavour with undertones of cinnamon, lime and clove.

Other colors: cranberry red and purple-pink


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Scientific Name: Psidium guajava

Description: The small fruit is oval in shape and green to yellow in color; the juicy flesh can be cream, pink, yellow, or red in color and contains numerous yellowish seeds.

Taste: all varieties come with the characteristic musky flavor and odor; varieties' flavor range from sweet to tart.

Pink Grapefruit

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Scientific Names: Citrus paradisi

Common Names: Used to be called “The Forbidden Fruit”

Description: The fruit is yellow-orange skinned and generally an oblate spheroid in shape; the flesh is segmented and can be white or pink.

Taste: Acidic; sour to semi-sweet

Other colors: White and red


  1. I want to try pomegranate! I like lychee if it's in Mogu Mogu hehe, I also like dragonfruit.

  2. I figure out our local fruit here in your picture. That fruit is "tambis" as we call it, but in other places it is called Malay Apple, Rose Apple, etc. I like it for it is tasty and juicy.

  3. This looks like an entry I can use for my class. Teaching colors and fruits at the same time.

  4. I love this post! It definitely had me at pink. The rose apple looks so familiar, it almost makes me feel nostalgic of my childhood!

  5. Lychee is my favorite from this list! i've never heard of the others before! :)

  6. These are very lovely. I've tasted almost all of them except for the Lilly Pilly Berry.

  7. I love that photo of pink guava. I recall the pink guava juice my wife and I had in a hotel beside Waikiki Beach in Honolulu.

  8. I was never a fan of guava, mostly because of the smell. I have yet to try the grapefruit ( I am not sure if it's sold here in the Philippines ) and pomegranate.

  9. I've eaten most of the pink exotic fruits on this list except for the Lilly Pilly Berry and Rose Apple. Are they available here in the Philippines?

  10. I like grapefruit much and eat it with gusto. The guava too makes me feel sweeter than ever. But some are very expensive that's why I prefer the common ones only.

  11. Love the lychee, dragon fruit and the grapefruit. I haven't tried the lilly pilly berry and the pomegranate. Not sure if they are found here in our country.

  12. Haha thanks for this, I just learned "tambis" in english is Rose Apple! haha Tasted most of em, except for Pomegranate hehe :D

  13. Although the photos looks pink, some of these fruits doesn't come in pink that often. I thought lychee is more red than pink, same for grapefruit. But I guess it's still shades of pink~

  14. Very pretty the second picture is Macopa and the last one is Suha right? Oh how I miss those fruits!

  15. I love digging into pomegranate. I miss guava!

  16. I didn't know that Grapefruit is used to be called “The Forbidden Fruit”. Hmmm I wonder why? :)

  17. lovely photos,they don't only taste great bu they look fabulous in the table :)

  18. I have tried most in the list except probably pomegranate. Though I am familiar with the taste because the flavor of my energy gel is pomegranate.

  19. I would like to taste rose apples. They look like a cross between tomatoes and cherries. So cute. :)

  20. I missed eating the Rose Apple Papaleng. Is it tambis, right?

  21. I have honestly seem most of these fruits from my travels and my stay in the provinces but never had the courage to try them because they all look sour! But thanks for describing the taste; it kind of convinced me to try them out when I see them again.