Monday, August 11, 2014

BCDA President Casanova's Open Letter to Domogan: Is He Telling the Truth?

Hearing what folks in Baguio City had to say about this open letter by BCDA PRESIDENT & CEO ARNEL PACIANO D. CASANOVA addressed to Baguio Mayor MAURICIO G. DOMOGAN will enlighten us more about the issue.

I have a nephew now based in Baguio City. He is presently taking up Architecture at Benguet State University. I sent him a copy of this open letter and asked him "What do you think of it Ruel?" Moments later I got a reply and my nephew answered "What a good news to hear!". I was taken aback, I just uttered "really?". "Why Tito, is something wrong." I replied, "I'll send you a long another mail, this time Mayor Domagan's reply to the letter." Then I got his reply, "Tito, pa-pogi points Lang naman itong see Casanova." "Eh, half-truth lang pala yung facts nya."

I asked him to share our conversation with his fellow students and get their feedback. I am still waiting for my nephew's reply. But back to the issue being discussed here. Is Casanova really telling the truth? Judging both parties claims "I don't think so" Why, technically speaking, a half-truth is considered a LIE.

The way I see it, Casanova's open letter is just a cheap form of deception aimed at conditioning the public mind that BCDA is doing its best to uplift the lives of Baguio folks. Below are my reasons why I came to this conclusion.

1. Casanova claims that Bases Conservation and Development Authority (BCDA) is a friend of the City of Baguio. If so why in the first place he wrote that open letter addressed to honorable mayor Domagan. He could just ask the good mayor for a private conference and discussed what ever stuff need to be settled. I respect his nature of treating a friend but I find it odd.

* In response to Casanova's open letter, Baguio City Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan and Congressman Nicasio M. Aliping, Jr. made a statement published on July 25, 2014 issue of the I Baguio Journal. The good mayor acknowledges such friendship exist between both parties.

2. Casanova did mention in his letter that the City of Baguio received 256 million pesos in JHSEZ revenues.

* Nicasio M. Aliping, JR., representative, Lone District of Baguio, and Mauricio G. Domagan, mayor, Baguio City in their reply said "Yes, the City has received more than P256 million from BCDA as its share from the lease rentals of John Hay. A great portion of this amount, were received by the City of Baguio from BCDA when it was managed by its previous officials and not its present officials headed by Casanova.

3. Casanova did claim BCDA had help Baguio City livelihood through tourism and creating more job opportunities.

* The reply by Domongan was "Yes, the development of John Hay is helping the Cordillera particularly the City of Baguio boosts its economy in the area of tourism, revenue, and job generation, but we should have generated more revenues, increased tourist arrivals, and created employment opportunities had the dispute between the BCDA and Camp John Hay Development Corp (CJHDevCo) been settled amicably.

There are other grievances that Mayor Domagan cited and I deemed it is best for the readers to read it here:

Now the question is, Who is telling the truth. Is it up for you readers to discern which party is walking in TRUTH lane.


  1. I agree, he could make an appointment to discuss the concern. It is nice of you to ask for your nephew's opinion who lives in Baguio.

  2. Mr Casanova omitted in his letter was that BCDA didn't want to go to the table and sit down to fix things with CJHDevCo. They begrudingly participated in arbitration until the agency was ordered by the Baguio regional trial court to do so.

  3. Arnel Casanova really wanted to get this project to Ayala Land and not for CJHDevCo. He wanted to play his time while waiting for election 2016. The people of Baguio should know about what was happpening.

  4. Telling the truth? Facts and evidences always bring out the truth. Hence its obvious that its the Baguio city government. Not BCDA's empty pretty words.

  5. Mayor Domogan's response to Cassanova's open letter provided more hard facts. BCDA's trying hard to come clean by pointing out just their good points.

  6. Where. is. transparency .here?. As .it .was. pointed. out. Mr.. Casanova .has. failed. the. city. government .of .Baguio .in. complying. the .agreement. entered. into. .Mayor. Domogan. ethically. has. denied. the. friendship. which. Mr.. Casanova. felt. proud. of. for. their. several. years. of. partnership. in. developing. government's. project.