Friday, May 29, 2015

Can You Do Math?

10 easy but tricky questions that test… how good are you in Math.

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Probably, one of the most popular classroom phrase is, “I hate Math”! But is the subject really that difficult? Are math problems “tough nut to crack”? Let’s have some fun. Answers the following Math-related questions and find out how good are you in Math.

1. In his will, a farmer left his eleven cows to his three sons. Half were to go to the eldest, one-fourth to the middle and one-sixth to the youngest. How was it done?

2. A car dealer was asked how many cars he had on stock. He answered, “If one-half, one-third, and one-fourth of the numbers of cars were added together, they would make 13.” How many cars did he have in stock?

3. Find the number which when increased by 3, then miltiplying the product by ¾, then dividing by 7, diminished by 1/3 of the quotient, multiplying the number by itself, subtracting 52, getting the square root, adding 8, and dividing by 10 gives the number 2?

4. If it takes 3 minutes to cut a carrot into 3 pieces, how long would it take to cut a carrot into 4 pieces?

5.How much dirt is in a hole 2 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 3 inches deep?

6. If a tray of eggs sells fro 20 pesos per dozen, which costs less, ½ dozen dozen eggs, or 6 dozen eggs?

7. A train 1 km long travels through a tunnel 1 km long at a speed of 1km/hr. How long will it take the train to pass completely through the tunnel?

8.Using only a 7-minute and an 11-minute hour glass, how can you boil an egg for exactly 15 minutes?

9. A wolf, a rabbit, and a carrot must be moved across a river in a boat which can hold only one besides the boatman. How must the boatman carry them so that the rabbit shall not it the carrot; or the wolf, the goat?

10. A dog chases a rabbit which is already 150 feet away. Every time the dog jumps 9 feet, the rabbit at the same time, jumps 7 feet. How many jumps does the dog have to make to overtake the rabbit?

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1. Eldest = ½ x 11 = 5.5; to the nearest units = 6
Middle = ¼ x 11 = 2.75; to the nearest units = 3
Youngest = 1/6 x 11 = 1.75; to the nearest units = 2

2. 12

Let n = number of cars
½ n + 1/3 n + ¼ n = 13; get the LCD
13/12 n = 13
n = 13 x 12/13
n = 12

3. The answer is 28; very practical one

4. 4 1/2 minutes (4 and 30 seconds) Don’t believe me, then go cut one yourself.

5. Nothing. How can you store something into a hole.

6. Both will cost the same.

7. 2 hours.

Speed = distance x time
1km/hr = 1km x time
1km/hr x 1/1km = time
1hr = time the train is completely inside the tunnel and will take another hour to completely pass through it.

8. Procedure:

a. Use the 7-min and 11-min hour glass at the same time. b. Once the 7-min glass hour is consumed, turn the 11-min glass hour upside down. ( 11 min – 7 min = 4). c. Start boiling the egg. When the 11- min glass hour is done, turn it again upside down. (4 min + 11 min = 15 min).

9. Solution:

Cross the river carrying the rabbit with you. Leave the carrot and cross back. Its now the carrot’s turn, but this time carry back the rabbit as you return to get the wolf. Bring the wolf in, leaving behind the goat. Lastly, return and get the goat. Whooh! Seems a hard work.

10. On the 76th jump.

N = number of jump.
9 n – 7 n = 150
n = 150/2 = 75
On the 75th jump, both dog and rabbit are on the same footing.


  1. Waaa! I really hate math. I was just reading through the questions and it pains my head already! Hahaha!!! But after check the answers, they are easy! I guess, I'm just really stubborn with math.

  2. Ow, I'm really not good at math! But come to think of it, the answers are really easy. :)

  3. i was going to try to solve the questions all the way, pero halfway through i gave up hahaha

  4. I hate Math papaleng ha ha..Though I pass all my Math subject coz its a requirement to my college course.

  5. OMG! Math you said???? You're barking at the wrong person ahaha. Papaleng, I swear, I didn't know how I finished my degree but somehow I got through without failing any of my Math and Math related courses haha.

    By the way, why are you shying away from smoothies? Please know that my smoothies concoction are 70% veggies and 30% fruits, no other additives :-)

  6. My sincere apologies, your title made me jump in the comment box. Hahahahahaha! I. HATE. MATHEMATICS!!!

  7. ahhh.. problem solving my favorite, makes my brain awaken from its rusty years... thanks for this..i love math its in my nature to solve such a nice and confusing problems.

  8. I am okay with Math but not fond of the complicated problems like algebra and such lol.

  9. I am not good in Math Papaleng, numbers gives me headaches

  10. Your Math questions remind me of my son's MTAP competitions. I'd rather see the answer myself than figure out the answers. Lol!

  11. These are questions that I'd rather avoid if I can but can't since I see similar questions in my children's assignments.